Hold your breath and listen closely to the whispering. Voices are calling out to her, telling her to come. If she will, if she wants to, I am here waiting for her and so is the city. It's getting cold but I feel my blood stream rushing like electricity.


For ever

The things we do to each other, hoping we will never again have to see the ones we used to love for what they really were.



Post script

My only love, I need you to fill this void in my silent heart, I need you to remember the things we shared together, just the two of us. We were young until one day we weren't but I know that there is still time for us to hold hands under the velvet sky and fall asleep to the sound of our breaths like fire.



My New Year's resolutions, unedited:

1) Letting people know I'm alive by writing here more often
2) Writing about the things that really matter, about the people and the things I care about and that make me want to be a better person
3) Never forgetting that things and people can change, even I

I love all of you so very much.