Out in the open

My dear readers, there are so many of you now! Who could have guessed?

I suppose I could tell you something about last weekend and the crazy Saturday night, but Avy's already given me away. I have no regrets but it's a strange feeling. I know this is more like the life I want to live, but I'm not yet used to it and I keep thinking about everything that's been holding me back all this time. Traditions, my family, God... I'm standing at the crossroads ready to chose paths, but it's still a little frightening.

For Avy it's different, she's so confident with who she is and doesn't seem to be afraid of anything. I envy that.

(And sweetie, I will get back at you for outing me like that. Sleep with one eye open.)


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  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog! I had to jump to Avy's blog to find out what happened. He must have been really cute. :) xx


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  7. sometimes, fear is a good thing, depending on what it is that you fear. like fear of sharks, spiders, scorpions, etc. fear can also cripple you.

    I'd like to believe that life is about living. And at the end of the day, we have to look in the mirror and be ok with who we are and what we've done. People live their lives, make mistakes, fail, and make foolish decisions all the time. That doesn't mean that God will love you any less. Now, that's just my opinion. God wants what is best for us, but He also gives us the freedom to choose. We just have to be ready to deal with the consequences of our choices- negative or positive.

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