Having her here, inches away, holding her hand while she sleeps silently in my bed, I remember so vividly what it Always felt like. It's as if nothing ever came between us, as if I never left and as if she never left and as if we haven't started something new but always just kept going.

My heart stood still for so many months and forgot to count them because there was never time and I never had the energy. My lungs have filtered so much air without her breath and now she's lying here, skin soft like silk, I have to touch her to know that it's all for real. If I die tomorrow it would all be worth it, a perfect dream that never has to end.

I love you.


  1. Stephanie, I am happy she showed up for you... enjoy the time with her xox

  2. Love is a bond that binds people. But most of that happens in dreams. The reality would be even more sweeter.

    Nicely written. :)

  3. Beautiful, you both are here now -it's always worth it.
    Appreciate every moment.
    much love xx

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  5. With the people who are most important in our lives it is best when you can not see each other for some time and pick back up right where you left off. That is the relationship I have with my closest friends.

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  7. Hope you're doing really well! I miss reading your posts xx

  8. where have you been? miss reading you :)


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