Habemus Papam

I know it's been a while but the election of the new pope has been on my mind ever since it happened. I watched it on CNN, one part of me was disgusted and another part wanted to be there, in Rome. Some of you that have been with me from the beginning know that I've had to challenge my faith, and I still struggle with it every single day.

One part of me saw a bizarre, almost appalling ceremony taking place behind closed door, and a single man being presented to the people as if he was the great savior we've only been waiting for. The other part saw men and women gathering over something they all believe in, instead of being divided but everything that sets them apart from each other.

I still have those two images before me and I'm trying not to make the choice between them. They're incompatible but both are true at the same time. I've asked Avy to come join me for Easter, it would take my mind off things seeing her again.


  1. I think we all question our faith from time to time.. Religion, and faith, they are a part of life.. and life is all about irony.. and contradiction. That being said, it's the only truth I've ever known and that is why we so often question our faith and our religion and even ourselves and others.. Truth. Our quests for finding truth.

  2. I am evangelical (Protestant), I am not Catholic, and I believe in God, but not the Pope. because the Bible says that there is no mediator between God and men. It is a great debate

  3. thank you for your sweet message, and i'm glad you like them! and even more glad that you liked my blog and it's a pleasure to follow you too back! I loved your sweet photos and the blog too.
    have a nice week and a happy easter ♡

    your newest follower,


  4. I love your blog! Definitely following now, stay in touch xx


  5. I have the exact same feeling about the pope, and catholicism in general. I live in Ireland, which is an extremely catholic country, and although I find it hard to condone all the corruption that goes within the catholic church, I think it's beautiful that, even in an archaic, dated way, a sense of ceremony and wonder still exists in such a materialistic society. Your photographs are beautiful as always xxxx

  6. I thnk that's a thing that makes each person a part of a community in which everyone is better...


  7. hey pretty nice blog i follow xoxo

  8. Your pictures are amazing ! I hope that one day I'll visit Venise (like we say in French) too :D
    I follow you ;)

  9. wow! those photos are gorgeous