Where will we go?

Avy left but it's alright, sometimes I think I love her more when we're apart. There are moments when I wonder how much she really needs me but deep down I know that she does. She's the sort of person I trust in, always, she doesn't have to say much for me to know what she's thinking and feeling.

I'm getting tired of Venice, the smell and the tourists. I don't want to go back to America just yet but I think I have to change something. Elise has to stay for another month, maybe I'll wait for her and bring her with me. I haven't seen much of her lately but I know she wants to see the rest of Italy too.

Where would you go if nothing could stop you?


  1. I would travel to Portugal and Spain, I love their language... then I would go to Italy...

    I want to see these cities some day ;)

  2. England. More of Italy. More of France. Even more of Canada. Anywhere.

  3. probably india or indonesia....anywhere beautiful and colorful where no one knows me.

  4. somewhere which is not touristy yet peacefully beautiful. I know such places exists .

  5. somewhere lovely in africa, to mountains and waterfalls in asia and to south american villages.

  6. London!
    Haha thing is, I'm really going there in July and I can't wait for it! i fell in love with that city the first time I went there and i can't wait to get back!
    Although, if you're searching for something quieter I've been missing the Netherlands a lot lately... my family and I go there regularly for a holiday and I love it there!

    xx Jenni

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  8. Marbella, Spain.
    Or anywhere but here.

    Breakfast After 10

  9. Thank you for your comment. I will without a doubt follow you back! itsjustprecious.blogspot.com X

  10. I went to the South of France two years ago and have thought of it every day since. Those people really know how to live - with leisure, making time for the things they want to do. Closing their shop for two hours so they can go for an afternoon swim, a glass of wine, a cigarette without looking at the time on their watch. Not to mention the countryside is so romantic and heavenly and beautiful. Ahhhh now I just wish I had money to run to the airport with...

  11. Lovely words my dear. I hear you with the silence. Silence is rare and beautiful. I can't wait to read more after you gather your thoughts.