A friend in need

I told mom about my fashion project, but now I wish I hadn't. For a woman who's never worked for anything in her life she can be very judgmental. Dad doesn't know yet but I suspect he will soon enough.

I really want to do something with my life and I'm glad I've figured out where to start, but it feels strange at the same time. For the first time I'm heading somewhere and I guess I should feel free but I don't. When I was younger I was trapped but it didn't feel that way, now I can do whatever I want but my own expectations are weighing me down. I hope it will pass.

Henry is stil cute. Lately he's been the only one I feel I can talk to.


  1. Its just the beginning for heading towards your dreams.. so its fine, don't over-analyze things.. You'll be alright! :)

  2. you are on a good way :) deciding what to do is the first step :)

  3. Nice blog! (^_^)



  4. grateful henry is there for you. everyone needs someone to listen to, for expectations, whether our own, or someone else's, can be a very difficult to live up to. it's nice to have someone to share those bumps along the way in your journey.

  5. you took the right first step :)
    you can do this!

  6. "When I was younger I was trapped but it didn't feel that way" -Lovely line and the meanings it can have.It should pass,sooner or latter!

  7. i dislike judgemental.... i wish parents were happy with the choices that we make for OUR lives.
    a starting point is always good.. most people go from there :)

  8. I am lucky ‘cos I am not one of those kids who have dictators for parents. My parents, especially my mom, encouraged me to follow my passion. I hope your mom can do that.

    Talk to them. Maybe, just maybe, they'll understand.