H and I

I spent this past weekend with Henry, not doing anything, just walking and talking. He listens and that's always worth something. Sometimes I talk too much and realize I want to ask him something, so I do. He doesn't say a lot but that just makes me more curious.

I know that Avy has mixed feelings about all this, she told me. I understand her because in retrospect I've always been the one who's been left out. But I'm not doing this for anyone else, I'm doing it for me, Henry makes me happy and I enjoy being close to him. Where it leads me is a question for the future.


  1. I know the feeling of being more intrigued by someone who doesn't say much. I'm glad he's making you happy:)

  2. in a life full of complexities, it's extremely difficult to stay true to yourself. :)

  3. Its nice to have some quite moment also wd ones love ones.

  4. sounds like henry is puzzling. hhmm. have a wonderful weekend darling!

  5. Hey, its me, I created a new n permanent blog. NonStop Dreamer was my previous name, if you remember. I was your blog lover back then and I still am now!
    Missed reading your posts n Avy's too.. Now I'm back to blogger! :D

    And about this post, do what your heart says. :)