Happy Christmas!

A little late I know, but I really wanted to relax these last few days. I've always loved Christmas because it's meant I can spend time with my family and forget everything else. This time it felt a little strange thanks to everything that has happened, but it worked. It cleared my mind, at least for a while, and that's worth a lot right now.

And hey, look at this, I got pants! It's been ages since I wore anything else than skirts and dresses, but obviously dad thought it was time for something new. I got him a Bvlgari watch, he said he loved it and I hope he really did. I can tell he likes to have me home again, he tries a little harder to make me happy. Not that he didn't in the past but I think he's realized he also has to listen. I'm not a child anymore, although I'll always be his daughter.

How have you been my darlings?



  1. Hope you really enjoyed your days 'off'! Merry Xmas and good luck next year with your fashion projects!!

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  2. I'm doing quite okay, figuring some things out lately!

    I'm glad you enjoyed Christmas, S! And a little happier that things you did and the decisions you took are helping you now! :)

    Stay Blessed! <3