I've been asleep for so long

I think Avy is right, I'm slowly waking up. I'm becoming more and more of a woman and less of that innocent and cute little girl I've been all my life.

It's feels like electricity through my whole body when I sense that someone is watching me, when I imagine what they are thinking. It's not an entirely new sensation, but I've never before wanted to embrace it this much. Just letting Avy take these pictures of me on Valentine's was exciting, Salvatore has done it before but that was different somehow. He's after all a part of my family.

Tomorrow I'm going out on my first real date with Tom, I can't wait. I feel a little bad about leaving Avy behind, but she's a big girl who can take care of herself. I'm so happy to be here with her, she's opening my eyes to a world I hardly knew existed. Now it feels as if anything can happen, if I only let it. New York, I love you.


  1. I'm so glad that you're becoming someone more. Someone even more beautiful! Do you remember the times you almost fell apart and thought it was the end? It wasn't! It never is. There's always a beginning, if only you let it happen! :)

    Love you both! :)

  2. There are harsh realities around here. Yet there is something beautiful about coming to terms with these realities xx

  3. Waking up is sometimes scary but I'm glad you're liking it. Proves that you're over dreams and up for a healthy dose of reality. Welcome to the big,bad world,girl.:-)

  4. Good luck with your date! You're not leaving Avy behind, I think, more just doing something different.

  5. Love your blog, already hooked on your stories x


  6. Hello, I became a reader of your blog, I hope that u'll do it too;)
    Also i have a video blog (VLOG) and write posts about fashion, and so on. (my video blog is in russian)
    I will be glad to see you in my MUSE galaxy)

    with love, Polina

  7. Thanks a lot :))
    You have a really nice Blog too :))

    Louisa :)

  8. I'm a new follower of your blog... it's so cute! I hope you will follow me back! XOXO, Ladyfairy

  9. you photograph beautifully.

    you write beautifully.

  10. New York - anything is possible.
    Beautiful images.