Where will we go?

Avy and I have stopped communicating, I read her blog but I don't know if she's reading mine. Everything she writes gets to me, I take it personally and wonder why she doesn't mention me anymore. We should be friends, she should love me like I love her, but who knows if she still does.

We met before Chloe, before Henry, even before Carl. It's a history I don't want to lose, if I did I would have nothing. It breaks my heart, the thought of it, and for what? I don't even have the right to tell her what to do and what not to do with Henry, but it really hurts me and I wish she would understand that.

So know I drink wine as if there's no tomorrow, just in case there actually isn't.


  1. Friendship is so precious and we need to hold on to those people who we really connect with.
    I think the art of conversation is dying, what with all the technology we have now and people are drifting further and further apart.
    Due to my eating disorder, I have managed to push all my friends away.
    I had a small but close circle of friends and I miss them. I wish I could muster up the courage to call one of them, maybe someday.

    I hope things work out with Avy,

    Love to you x

  2. At the risk of sounding like a cold-hearted bitch... people come people go. There are way too many beautiful people in the world.

    Find some more.

  3. Sometimes in life, you gotta let go of the deadwood to make room for better things... Xo

  4. True friendship is worth salvaging.. If this is more than mere fiction, I wish you and Avy the best. I've never seen two people.. share the same intense writing style as you two seem to. It's very haunting really and chilling at times but very beautiful.

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  6. Friendship shouldn't be affected ... I hope you two get back in touch !!!

  7. I know the feeling dear, it's like an important part of your body is numb, but remember it won't last for long. I'd pray for you.


  8. She does. Your history won't disappear. Don't you worry. Talk to her. :)

  9. I don't know your story and I had just come across your blogs, but I hope everything goes fine between you two ladies ♥

    Stay strong.

  10. Nothing lasts forever. Atleast that what I've learned.

  11. Love your posts! Theyre very sensual =)


  12. Nice blog!
    Follow each other on GFC and FB?

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  14. I love your writting! x