I have to make a choice but it's so much easier to just pretend like it will go away if I don't. The more I think of it the more impossible it seems, and the more I need to do something else, anything. I have no one to talk to, I always came to Avy in the past but now there's only my reflection in the mirror and she's not talking.

I've decided to take a croquis course, I'll be drawing naked women. If that doesn't take my mind of things I don't know what will. Tom has stopped calling, I want to pick up the phone but that would only complicate things more. He doesn't deserve this, I don't deserve him. It's better this way.


  1. Let time pass, S. It'll be okay. :)

  2. Gradually things will turn out better ... just relax !!!


  3. Te dejo este manojo de letras en el umbral de la esperanza,
    para que te saluden con la voz del trovador
    acompañando tus anhelos, que vuelan hacia las estrellas
    en busca de quimeras…

    ¡¡Un feliz fin de semana
    Alimentando satisfacciones!!

    María Del Carmen

  4. I am in love with your blog, mesmerized with what you post, following asap. If there's anything I can do or if you want to talk to someone I'm here.



  5. naked women always make things better.

  6. You've pretty much healed from the breakup of your friendship with Avy. You've let Tom down gently -- really, really gently. And you've signed up for a course where you're certain to meet lots of men.

    Things seem to be working out well for you, Stephanie.


  7. Despierta a un mundo de dulces sensaciones
    Y construye una nueva semana de felicidad,
    Cabalgando entre las emociones que acarician ilusiones
    Filmando el horizonte con la pupila enamorada
    De quienes aman el rocío que nutre cada espora de vida…

    Un abrazo de guirnaldas
    Y un beso de esmeraldas.

    María Del Carmen