Time passes so quickly and at the same time seems to move backwards. I really thought my summer would be the first step towards a new me, but I guess you can never run away from yourself. Dad is mostly away, as always, and mom treats me like a child. The only thing that's different is I don't talk to Avy anymore.

I'm not ready for that yet, and she doesn't call me either so I wait. It hurts me, I miss her, but things have changed between us. Maybe they'll never be the same, and that is not what I wished for when I said I wanted a new life.

Have any of you ever lost your best friends like that?


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  2. I have lost many friends over the years but I pushed them away due to my illness (anorexia). I miss them all and life is not quite the same without them.
    I reached out to one recently who I had not seen in a year, she was delighted to hear from me and we are now firm friends again.
    I don't know what happened between you and Avy but just remember that if you both can forgive each other it is fixable.

    I hope it works out for you,

    Take care x

  3. Yep, I have. You both stand on opposite sides of the 'fight' each one refusing to make the first move - meanwhile the gap gets wider and wider until you can't see anything anymore except the glimpse of a reason you got upset with them in the first place. And now, that small thing has grown so distorted and misshapen you barely recognise it, you just know you're angry. I know it well.

  4. friends really undergo such trial.

  5. Its tough ... and sometimes ego does play a part in separating people from us whom we love ... why don't you call her instead?

  6. Yeah. I had to choose to let my best friend go a few years ago - we had been friends for so long... but I couldn't keep watching her self destruct. It was hard. It still is, sometimes.

    Sarah xxx

  7. I lost my friends too. Everything will be okay. Let her go.

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  9. actually i am right now standing on a bridge which is about to break with my best friend.. i hope c understands and cooperate with me. i miss her a lot :( :'(

  10. hey S,
    it has been quite sometime that i am reading your blog....
    The best thing is the friendship that u share with avy....
    it's really sad to hear that because of a guy it got snapped....
    i took have a best friend and i can't imagine my life with her....
    Hope u get her back..

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  12. You need to tell her that you miss her. She might be feeling the same way?

  13. you will get her back!! Could you please consier following each other? www.shineonbyandrea.blogspot.com Twitter:@shineonbyandrea

  14. yes. i feel the same about my (former?) best friend- we don't really talk any more because we're on opposed wavelengths and i'm not sure how to get that connection back... better luck.

  15. Losing friends is sad... I lost two and is a strong, unbearable pain...But wounds heal, get new friends and those who are not, are forgotten... Happiness is in another place... Look for it

  16. i know the feeling
    i too try to recreate myself, start again and find myself.
    i have goals like i you, to start again in summer but you should never try to much,
    i mean life is not about fidning yourself but creating yourself...you have to make little steps
    and you will find new peolple in your life.

    I adore your blog, keep on doing this wonderful thing you do here.

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    Your Amely Rose from:


  17. Yes. I have lost a Best friend. In a way I was Avy. It
    Was devastating, and though it happened four years ago
    I still feel the guilt at what I did and in a way that's what kept me from
    Reaching out to her, guilt and fear. And the knowing I had done something of a wrongess and betrayal. I didn't and couldn't face myself in what I had done. But after a few years we became close again. Our friendship suffered but in a way our relationship is stronger for overcoming it. If she was your true friend she will come back to you, trust that what is meant to be will.

    I have been following your blog for awhile. Your thoughts, pictures and writing are beautifully crafted and expressive. Thank you for sharing


  18. I lost a best friend as well, and she ruined my birthday. I miss her everyday, while at the same time wondering what I did to make her hate me so much. Eventually the hurt will fade, and you'll be able to reminisce about the good times from your friendship without anger or sadness.

  19. Maybe I'm not the only one who thinks things with you and Avy aren't over. I think the separation is temporary. Friends love each other to the end, and I feel that from you two.

    I'm sure she misses you.

  20. So sad to hear what happened between you and your friend!