The hole in my heart

I don't want anyone to think that Avy and I communicate through our blogs. We don't, of course, I respect her too much and I know that she does too. But I also know that we are very much alike in many ways. We're both restless, we'll never be complete, and we make up for what we're missing by filling our hearts with too much pain. We do it because we want to feel something, and then we try to deal with that pain in different ways.

That is why we blog, not because we think that people are interested in our lives and struggles but because we need to. It's a form of therapy, a way of cleansing our minds.

And what I'm dealing with now is her wanting to be forgiven. She called me and asked and I told her what I'm telling you now: that I don't know if I can. I really don't.


  1. Sometimes I feel you are being too harsh on yourself ... perhaps you can forgive yourself, and rekindle the friendship :-)

  2. I think you two love each other, time will heal the pain... It is doing it for me so I wish you the same!


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  4. beautiful and heartbreaking as always.

  5. Just give it a little more time, everything will be okay.


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