On speaking terms

You want to see my drawings, and I'd love the show them to you but I need to ask her first. I don't have the courage to even speak to her yet, but I will, some day.

Communication seems so easy from a distance, you imagine the things you want to say and then when you stand there in front of them you can only remember a fraction of it. Why is that? Some people seem born with the ability to speak, like our president. Does that make them better than the rest of us? I used to think so but now I'm not so sure.

Dad has been gone for a while, in Europe they tell me. Mom lounges around the house in her robe like a movie star but we both know all she ever did in life was marry a rich man. For a long time it was what I wanted too, and I'm happy that things sometimes change.


  1. I bet the drawings are very beautiful.

  2. The ability to verbalize our thoughts is not the only form of communication, as you and I both well know. I find that the organization of words is most effective for me.

  3. Lovely blog <3
    Check out mine sometime if you want :))


  4. You re-posted the picture of the Italian countryside. You previously posted it in "Ci vediamo." Yes, it's a beautiful picture. Of the field. Of you. Of the queen ann's lace at your feet.

    You write that you wanted to marry a rich man. But that's changed.

    What do you wish for now, Stephanie?

  5. thank you for the visit
    such beautiful photos, i love your blog