Growing up, growing old

The word "winter" doesn't mean much in Los Angeles, it's 85 degrees out and I'm hiding behind the blinds in my room. Mom is out by the pool as always, it doesn't matter to her that she already looks like a gingerbread woman. I prefer milk for my own skin.

Dad called yesterday, I picked up and he sounded glad to hear my voice. I almost started crying, I miss him and mostly I miss the bond we shared when I was little. He always cared about me and I know he still does but lately we've grown apart. It's the worst feeling in the world and I don't know what to do about it. There's nothing I can do I guess, it's all a part of growing up, as awful as that seems.


  1. That the cold stays outside and don't invade the heart!

    Xoxo ;)


  2. Thanks,for your comment on my blog.
    Maybe follow each other???

  3. Loss, the slow creeping heartbreak. Don't let it suck you dry.

  4. Sometimes its painful to grow up ... lovely pics :-)

  5. Your father hasn't changed. He feels the same way about you that he always has.

    When he returns, tell him you love him. Tell him you miss the closeness you and he had in years past.

    Tell him you're a woman now, with your own thoughts and your own views.

    Then tell him that he should respect you for those thoughts and views.

    I'm sure he will.

  6. i have to admit i do not enjoy growing up at all. might put it on a hold as long as possible. thrive in the inbetween, just for a little while.

    your dad will always love you...

  7. Crecer es parte importante en la vida, como lo es el cariño de los seres queridos, besos ana.

  8. My relationship with my father is also questionable and it hurt for a long time as well. But then one day I decided that it's not going to anymore. Brain over heart sort of thing... It took some practice though.:)