So this is Christmas

I love Christmas, maybe because it's always been the time of year when my family looks the happiest. I look at the pictures from my childhood sometimes, mom in her flowing dresses and mio caro babbo wearing knitted sweaters for a change. Salvatore preparing all the food and the lights and the tree and the gifts.

We were still in Italy back then, America wasn't even an option at the time. Mom talked condescendingly about that superficial country across the ocean, it's funny how she turned out herself after a couple of years in Los Angeles.

I don't remember it of course, I can only derive what I felt from the pictures and it seems I was happy too. And why wouldn't I be, I never understood what was luring in the background, I never saw those dark clouds hanging over us, and I wouldn't for years to come. Now that I do, all I want is to ignore them and go back to those happy times when everything seemed so easy.

When I wish upon a star.


  1. White ice and dark eyes. They make beautiful pictures, Stephanie.

    You write that life isn't pure, unadulterated happiness. You're right.

    That's how life lets us delight in things that are simple and good. Things like white ice and dark eyes.

  2. I seem to dread Christmas because my family looks the happiest... but I know it's all a charade. I don't like the fake.

    Beautiful pictures.



  3. Thanks for visiting my blog;) - looking at your pictures and could easily think that these are taken in Finland;)

  4. You have such a lovely blog c:

  5. How cute is your blog!?!?!?! I love it, I've followed! Thanks for stopping by mine. Hope you've followed as well so we can stay in touch :) xx


  6. all i can say is purely beautiful! x

  7. What a beautiful photos! Love your blog! xx