Fairytale of New York

No city in the world is better than New York around Christmas. I love the lights and the energy, it feels so warm even though the weather can be terrible. I didn't think I'd go back any time soon after the fight I've had with Avy, but I was wrong.

She called me, just now, and asked me if I wanted to see her. I try to play hard to to get but I'm really not, because I've missed her so much these last couple of months. I'm going in the morning tomorrow, now I just need to pack. I won't bring much, this is a clean sheet and it feels as if everything is about to start over.


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  2. lovely warm christmas lights capture,hope you se and like mine.

  3. I always feel the warmth of a city, no matter how cold the sidewalk is.
    It gives a much needed pulse of energy for my heart to continue to beat.

    Much love xx