Going anywhere

This is actually not the first Christmas I spend in New York, with Avy. I was 16 the last time, dad had to go on an urgent business trip (or so he said) and mom went on her own to Italy. Avy still lived in Los Angeles back then but she wanted to spend Christmas far away from home so we came here together.

She thinks I faked a cold to get out of the Christmas dinner her mother arranged this year, but the truth is I'm too shy. All these people I had never met came over and I panicked, it made me feel like a child again but I felt I had not choice. I'm good at hiding away from the rest of the world, but I always end up regretting it.


  1. I don't understand this, Stephanie. I don't understand why you would skip out on Christmas dinner.

    You're intelligent. You're really good looking. You're a world traveler. You're educated. And your best friend, Avy, was there.

    It wouldn't have mattered who came to dinner. They would have been honored just to dine with you.

  2. I know how that is, your not alone in this one.
    Much love xx

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