Babbo Natale

I've never been good with change, I like to keep things the way they are even when I'm not really happy. Not that I'm an unhappy person, I'm just a little bit dark and I think I've always been.

The biggest change in my life, of course, was moving away from Italy. America meant nothing to me then, I didn't know what was waiting on the other side of that ocean. And I remember my last Italian Christmas like it was yesterday. How everyone was there, my whole family, my parents, my cousin.

They were fantastic times, nothing has ever come close to it since. Maybe it's like that for everyone, that a childhood always glows like diamonds as we get older, but that's the way I truly remember it. And I'm afraid that I'll never feel like that again, even though I may be happier in another way.

Dad got me a silver necklace, I still wear it sometimes. It reminds me of how beautiful everything seemed and how I thought it would never change.


  1. I know♥ tjanx for your comment
    You're from Italy?:) I love italian food:D but i've never been in Italy:( I know how you feel.. when I was younger I move from my born town. I know it's something else, but I miss this times is my city too.:)

  2. Those pictures are simply divine. I happen to be half Italian. However my great grandmother and father moved to England not long after the second world war considering my grandfather was a prisoner of war. Unfortunately- although we have plenty of welcoming family- I've never been able to visit there :(! Those pictures are truly beautiful though! xx