First "real" night in Italy, because of the jetlag. Strolling down the litte streets in Siena, stoping at a restaurant, having a tiramisu and an espresso... I'm so torn between these two cultures, the american and the italian. I don't know where I'm most at home, maybe I love it here just because it's new and it's not where I have my everyday life. I feel a little lost but I hope that this trip will help me regain some confidence and faith in my situation.

Anyway, tomorrow we're going for a drive in the countryside, I can't wait. It's now 10.45 PM and I'm going to bed. Take care everyone, goodnight.


  1. im so jealous!
    i want to go to Italy so bad

  2. I hope you know, we, your adoring fans, WANT PHOTOS!!! I love the counrtside. I live on the outskirts of an equine estate and wonder aimlessly through my neighbourhood, looking at all the pretty horsies! Hope you have heaps of fun in the 'motherland'! <3. XXX.

  3. Have an amazing time, clear your head. Italy is incredible.


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  5. Sounds Lovely! You're lucky as.
    I love your blog,it is really pretty (:
    take care

  6. Thanks ! I like your photos ! Kisses.