Sick and tired

This past weekend was a complete disaster. Instead of me getting to know that boy (Avy calls him Henry) a little more, I ended up being back on square one. We had fun at Avy's house and then we went out together, but after just an hour I found him flirting with some blonde bimbo in high heels and a floral dress. Probably a fashion blogger.

I left without saying anything, and he hasn't called since, so I guess that's it. The thing is that I don't know if I care, maybe I just liked the attention.

Anyway, I can't really think straight here anymore so I've bought a plane ticket to Italy and I'm leaving first thing in the morning. I'll live with my aunt for a couple of weeks, dad couldn't be happier. I guess he thinks that I'm finally going back to the nice little person I was before all this happened, but that won't happen.

Talk to you soon darlings. Ciao.


  1. Spontaneous but probably good for you :)

  2. I think its the best thing you could do...

    Going away and leaving everything... have a small break from everyone and everything...

    It sometimes helps.

    I like going away, and feeling that there is something new out there, waiting for me to discover :)

  3. I am going to Italy next summer, you better talk all about it when you get back! Have fun <3

  4. ciao bella! enjoy all the delicious food i know you're about to eat.


  5. Enjoy Italy - it's where I got my fresh start.


  6. Sorry to hear that but Italy, wow. I would love to go there. P.s.I gave you the best blog award.


  7. That's sad to know.. but whatever happened, know that it happened for your own good.
    Hope you have a good time in Italy! :)

  8. Yeah, go and enjoy your time in Italy and forget about everything bad :)


  9. I am sure Italy will be better than this boy! I hope you will be fine, since I watched the movie Genova I wanted to go there. I wish I could disappear like that too. Take care and have fun!

    Love, nia

  10. enjoy beautiful italy, its fabulous at this time of the year, and it will put him and all your thoughts back into perspective...

    i love your pictures, too.


  11. I really like your blog!
    Follow me:)

  12. Precioso blog te sigo desde ya
    Las fotos de tu blog son geniales !!
    Un besazo, pásate por mi blog si quieres :)