A liar and a thief

I hate having to lie to my father, but he doesn't seem to like Avy so I have to. Girls like her, he thunders, will drag you down with their depraved habits and lack of ambitions. A bit harsh I must say...

Anyway, I want to meet my little fling again, just to see where it leads, but I'm to shy to go on my own. Therefore, I call Avy and ask if she wants to go out and oh, I forgot, X is joining if that's okay? Yes, I'm using my image of total innocence to my advantage, I'm a horrible person. Either way she agreed so now I just have to find an excuse to get out of the house.

Any ideas?


  1. Shopping could be a smart excuse maybe?Or you could just "go to the library"..assuming you are a person that reads books,also assuming that you don't own a huge collection of books at home so your dad can't say "you have enough books here,no need to go out" .^_^

  2. So sorry you are carrying that feeling around with you. I know it doesn't feel good..you're among the days where you're in that debatable conflict of your parents and friends. Do whatever you can to make it through them happily. You seem like a great person and will embrace the curves in the road with grace. Good luck with everything. :)


  3. :( That stinks when your family doesn't approve of your friends! I'm sorry!

  4. You have the most lovely pictures <3

  5. pretty photo. x

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  7. Telling the truth never hurt anyone except you refused to do it :) Sometimes a person just has to except what they can't change, that would be your father in this case. It'll work out...and you seem like a nice and cool person :)


  8. Hallo!
    Ich bin grade ehr zufällig auf deinen Blog gestoßen und bin echt begeistert. Werde auf jeden Fall öfters vorbei schauen! Vielleicht magst du ja auch mal bei mir vorbeischauen? Noch habe ich kaum Leser, aber ich hoffe das ändert sich nach und nach.
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  9. Its a hard one, i hate lying too. Your photo is so beautiful.