Lost in translation

I can't believe how fast time passes, I've already been here a week. Mostly watching TV in my hotel room but out and about too, on my own. Last night I called for room service and made the poor concierge sit down on my bed to listen to me talk for almost an hour. I think he felt sorry for me while wondering what a young American girl was doing in that suite all alone. He had the manners not to ask and turned down my attempt to tip him. I don't know how to take that.

I miss Avy, and I have to call her tomorrow. I would feel like a total idiot if I went to London for over a week without even seeing her friend once. My oh my.


  1. Wow, actually it sounds pretty cool to talk with room service. It's like from movie :) If you like art, you can go to some galleries and maybe write about it? :)* xx

  2. You know my opinion about Avys friend.As a reply to your question:
    Without a doubt S. !I might not know you in real,but I did happen to read Avys entire blog,and adding your own to that I believe I can easily say I know enough of you to be sure of that.

    PS:Loved the post!We all need to spend some time with ourselves from time to time,don't we.


  3. that concierge sounds very nice. i bet there are even more nice people you haven't yet met.

  4. Oh, please don't spend all your time in London watching TV. Go out - it makes for better blogging:)

    Hope you're enjoying my city. It's been beautiful for the past couple of days.

  5. Olá,vim conhecer seu cantinho e já estou seguindo!
    Parabêns pelo Blog e muito sucesso!

    Se quiser me fazer uma visitinha,será muito bem vinda e se gostar e quiser seguir,sinta-se em casa!