I knew it wasn't far away, and last night I had a dream about Lorenzo. We were alone together on a summer field, chasing butterflies and laughing. Too good to be true but still so very real, and I woke up in the darkness with heavy traffic outside my window. I call it mine now, I've been in London a few weeks but it's beginning to feel like home.

Avy's friend is sweet, I can talk to her. Tomorrow I'll wander the streets by myself again, I need some time to get back to reality, whatever that is.


  1. your thoughts are your reality.

    and life is beautiful! enjoy your time in London. wondering the streets by yourself can be a beautiful experience.

  2. ha-ha-ha! i'm so glad. i knew you would love it all.

  3. I get it how it feels on you.Hope you'll be feeling well in future. and keep on enjoy your life :) btw,i'm following you so can you visit my blog and follow mine back..thanks :)

  4. it is home, it can be and i hope reality treats you well

    if it doesn't - create your own


  5. Oh how wonderful it is when our dreams take us to a much-sought reality. it's almost real. Forge your path, as you are, and make your very own version of home there, love. x

  6. Hi dear, I'm following.
    Thanks for visiting and thanks for your sweet comment ♥

  7. thank you!
    I love London .. do you live there?