Early yesterday we decided to go to Rome for Easter. Not to celebrate in any particular way, but to be in a large city and be part of that atmosphere. Tom has lived all his life in New York City and is not used to the countryside, at least not the way I am. He is also a non-believer, which is the reason why this Easter is going to be a very different one compared to what I'm used to.

Dad called me last night, I didn't answer and immediately felt terrible. I think Tom understands what the issue is but we haven't talked about it yet. He knows little things about my background and my Catholic upbringing but nothing about my transformation from a naive child to whatever it is I am now.

Tonight we're going out, a restaurant and then a walk through this wonderful city. I feel so at home here but the feeling is new, more distant. And soon I will have to talk to Tom and get him to understand me better. I just hope it will bring us even closer together.


  1. It will, for sure..if you know inside that he'll understand! :)

  2. Excelente fotos nocturnas....

  3. s, my fave line of yours is:..."whatever it is I am now."..

    i hope you have a special weekend. whatever that is. ;)

  4. I love reading about your life.

  5. I loved this line "my transformation from a naive child to whatever it is I am now."
    The pictures are beautiful S!
    Also, hope that it brings you two closer.
    Happy Easter!

  6. Roma - soooo on my bucket list. And now even more so after seeing your gorgeous photos. Cheers muchly.

  7. The view is amazing!! Would u like to follow each other?


  8. Beautiful pictures <3<3<3<3