A splinter in my mind

In the spirit of "letting it happen" we left Rome yesterday to go north again. First Civitavecchia, then leaving the coast for Viterbo and maybe Perugia. Toscana is where I feel most at home, and that's where I want to be right now. I'm teaching Tom about fine Italian wines, it feels a little strange but I like it. I know so much more than I thought I did, a result of growing up the way I did, of course. Dad made me drink wine from the age of 11, it was never very dramatic.

And not even for a second am I able to completely ignore the feeling of escaping from something. It's like there is a parallel reality outside the one I'm in for the moment, one that will suddenly come back to bite me and bring me back to the life I used to have. And the worst part is I have no idea how to deal with it, or even what it means if and when it happens.

Well, until then.


  1. You get such feelings because you're too conscious, maybe. Don't be, S. Live in the moment. You won't regret it! This particular present moment won't come back!

  2. Until then,let life run its natural course...

  3. even when you feel likes escaping, your where escaping TO a place not merely away from something. and yes you are very concious but as i do, I do said, this are moments worth living...

  4. Hi S, I would love to get in touch with you for some collaboration work, you can reach me at: maicen_h_madsen(at)hotmail.com.

    looking forward to hear from you, and I LOVE this post!