What's a man without a woman

Driving around here really feels amazing, I couldn't describe the various roads in advance but I know all of them when I see them. I've been here so many times, the memories are burned in my mind like images. Even the smells are familiar, and my heart beats a little faster every time the sun sets over these rolling hillsides.

I didn't think of it and neither did Tom, but suddenly at lunch we asked each other simultaneously when we have to go back home and both realized that we really don't. As long as we can pay our bills we can stay here, I have nothing to return to and neither does he. I know it's just a very long dream, but I intend to keep it that way for as long as possible.

This far we've been staying at new hotels every night and that does not come cheap, obviously. Tom has more sense of the value of money than I do, he's worked for his unlike me. It makes me feel a little bit smaller next to him, but in my culture it's not unusual for a woman to be provided for by a man. I want to make my own money some day, but for now I act naive whenever he talks about it. I think he likes it that way too.


  1. Ha ha...you're on a roll,woman! :D

  2. This sounds beautiful. More pics! ^_^ Xo

  3. A man without a woman is nothing. Absolutely!

  4. Orgulho nem sempre é prepotência
    muitas vezes pode ser a maneira
    mais fácil de se valorizar
    (José Fábio Torres Pereira)


  5. love the way you describe the familiar. I understand what you mean.