Gli Azzurri did well against Spain, Tom thinks it's really sexy with a girl who cares about sports. He doesn't understand football though, American as he is. "Why doesn't anything happen" he asked the first time we watched a game, now he's learned a little more and doesn't complain as much. I think it's sexy that he's trying, even though he's not as engaged as me or Bruno.

After the match we went for a long walk in the dark, the smell of grass and the sound of crickets surrounded us. We talked about everything but the everyday life we must return to sooner or later. It's a frightening topic, we both want to avoid it as if that would mean escaping the reality of things. We know we can't, but pretending is worth plenty.


  1. Indeed it is a frightening topic, the everyday life.
    But sharing relaxes the mind, I guess!
    Don't you think?

  2. Pretending is far more interesting than the truth.

  3. That sounds like a great game.


  4. I know damn well what you mean with 'frightening topic' ..
    kisses from the bottom of the sea

  5. I hate sports,but I like your post xxx