Italy just beat Germany and reached the final of the European championship. We watched the game of course, Tom, Bruno and I. After it we joined hundreds of fans in the city center dressed in the colors of the nazionale, gli azzurri, waving flags, singing and dancing. In the midst of the rapturous commotion I screamed to Tom, "fuck me", it just happened, I couldn't believe I said it but I did. He just smiled and kissed me and it felt like the happiest moment of my life.

And now I'm already thinking, what if it was? I remember Avy telling me just that some time ago, what if the happiest moment of my life has already passed?


  1. i believe you have many "happiest moments of your life" moments. because up to that point in your life, that was the happiest moment. in a year from now, something else will happen and you will think, "that was the happiest moment of my life". and so the cycle continues.

  2. i worry about that all the time. what if it's already passed, and i just didn't realise it?

  3. it hasn't. that's the fabulous thing about living, there will BE more happy moments of your life, & horrible ones too. it's the joy of the journey, the unknowing, the surprise, & the adventure. or i could be wrong.

  4. haha i've wanted to say that to a girl on several celebratory like occasions like that! Spain or Italy??

  5. Life is surprising, there will be countless happy moments along the way, live as if you're always searching for happiness and it'll find you :)

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  6. I'm sure there would be more moments like that one. I've felt that you one day, thinking if that was the happiest moment of my life and since then things have been great all that time, and I have enjoyed so many moments like that one, and I'm sure you would too.

    By the way, you have a great blog! And thanks for passing by,



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  8. I'm quite optimist, but the happiest moment in your life can repeat, just don't stop doing things you like

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  9. What a nice blog! You have so much wonderfull and inspiring pictures here :)

  10. It doesn't matter if the happiest moment has passed. When you're happy, you fell happy and that's it.
    You don't waste your joy comparing moments, you just feel.
    When you spend time over analyzing is because you feel satisfied/fulfilled.

    Also, it's not a fair comparison as how you feel about some event depends on what you value in each moment of your life.