Out of the haze

I can see that I haven't posted here in almost two weeks, but I couldn't count the days even if I tried. I woke up one morning with a burning fever and since then I haven't been able to think straight. I sleep in the middle of the day with all the blinds closed, I get up late at night and wander around the house like a zombie. Tom is afraid of even talking to me, but he's trying his best to take care of me.

I would tell you something about the past days if I could, but I really don't know what happened and what was just a dream or something from my imagination. I'm getting better now, but every part of my body still hurts a little. When I'm well enough I'll try to gather my thoughts and write something about what I felt, and what I saw in the haze of my fever.

How are you?


  1. -hug- i'm glad you're feeling a bit better now!

  2. those pyjamas are gorgeous, a good reason to stay in bed all day :) hope you get well soon x

  3. Awwww...take care,sweetie. But tell you what,fever is my favourite disease. It does funny things to my brain. I feel creative.

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  7. Oh no, a fever!

    I hope you feel better soon dear! you have a way with words btw, I love it!


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  9. Your friend Avy suggested I check out your blog and I'm really glad she did! I see here, two friends who share the same passion for writing and that passion shows.. You and Avy are really amazing! I'm your new follower by the way and I am humbled by your blog..

  10. Hope you get well soon .... take care of your health :-)

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    Just found your blog and absolutely loving it!

    Look foward to reading more!

  12. Ciao! I have to write in English or in italiano?
    I'm italian and I love the way you talk about Italy because I've lived here all my life and probably I'm not able to see something that you, besides, can note.
    When I'm confused, I write. It's a really good way to put everything in order.
    Really lovely blog!