They are so vivid, the dreams I’m having, almost like memories. The second I wake up I see everything so clearly but just minutes later it’s gone again. I should write the stories down, but I guess it’s a little bit like trying to capture a sunset on film: something is always lost in the process.

Maybe it’s the same thing with life. I’m always terrified of letting go because I think I won’t be able to remember how pretty things were, but maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be. I sometimes stumble upon little things that remind me of how it used to feel, and I hope that the ability to remember means I can feel it again too. Otherwise those dreams is all that remains.


  1. i think it's how life goes really. it goes around in circles, sometimes we go through the good things and sometimes we have to face the bad. it's scary to let go of the good things, given the possibility that the next thing coming might be bad. but the bad ones must exist in order for the good things to actually feel good, better than ever ;)


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  2. Very beautiful.. well expressed and well written. The imagery is stunning!

  3. that's the problem with dreams- they'd make wonderful stories but somehow they just don't transfer to paper...

  4. Sometimes I rather stay in my dreams, instead of waking up to my reality.

  5. Avy sent me here, and I'm glad she did. I look forward to reading more :)

  6. Those pictures are so pretty! Also,I know how hard letting go can be. But once you do it,you feel liberated like anything!

  7. I know the feeling.
    Everything heals with time.
    A friend of your Led me to your blog... so glad she did.
    Your new follower,
    Tarah and the City

  8. you have a haunting way with words..

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    I would love to read more.

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  10. I very much enjoy reading your posts :) x

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