My favorite pastime

On top of the food we drink way too much, I'm constantly drunk from red wine, Limoncello and various sorts of Grappa. Tom takes it better than me, I'm a wreck in the mornings and late at night I can wake up wanting to undress him and myself and do, well, you get the picture. I think he likes it but he acts as if he's used to it. I have never asked him about his old girlfriends and he hasn't asked me, not that I have anything to say.

And that's maybe the only thing that scares me about us. I've only really been with him, and a short little fling with Henry. How can I know how anything else might have been, or might become somewhere along the way?


  1. What a mysterious coordination these two pictures form with each other.!

  2. wooo cool pic !! you have nice blog, btw mind to following each other?


  3. Getting drunk is pretty awesome!

    I want to hear your secrets!!
    Stop on by...

  4. You write that your making choices "scares" you. You think about "how anything else might have been, [and what your present choices] might become."

    You're living a dream, Ms. Essere. Don't let your "what if's" interfere with your idyllic "what is."

  5. How can I know how anything else might have been, or might become somewhere along the way?

    That's how I constantly feel about my relationship of five years. I Love him dearly but,Because I haven't been with anyone else,sometimes it scares me if everything was too serious too soon and if i had no options!


  6. Tu visita ha sido un placerpara mis retinas, las puertas de mi aposento estan abiertas a tu disposición para pasar cuando gustes.

    Aun estoy descansando pero nada más que reanude la vida rutinaria, por aquí pasaré a dejar maullidos de afecto.

    Un abrazo de buen comienzo de semana.

    María Del Carmen

  7. You are too young and beautiful (inside and out) to worry so much. Relax, let life present itself to you. Get to know and honor yourself (your own company) and let the rest fall into place.
    Life’s road is a long and interesting one when it is narrows and when it widens, in all kinds of weather, through all types of terrain...