Dreams can come true

How are you?

Not much happens here, summer is supposed to end soon but I can't feel it. I'm still alone, and already sick of my own company. I sleep more than usually and dream about Los Angeles and New York, never about things that really happened but always about people I know.

Last night I saw Henry from a distance, he was standing on the beach looking out over the ocean and I knew he was waiting for me. The closer I got the safer I felt untill he turned around. He was looking past me, over my shoulder, and there was Avy. It started to rain, I lost my breath and woke up.

For the first time I want to go back home, but I'm still nowhere near the calm I was looking for when I came here. I don't know what to do anymore.


  1. Perhaps you need to de-stress yourself. Relaxing will help :-)

  2. hard times come and they go; just hold onto hope.

  3. Let go. Pain is glorious when you stop trying to protect yourself.

  4. Calm comes after the storm. Perhaps you need to go lay your demons to rest instead of having them haunt you. That might bring you some closure and peace.

  5. You left Italy as a child. You returned as a woman. Now you're seeking love. And you're seeking peace. Both elude you.

    Your first picture is taken inside a church with stained glass windows. It shows your search for love of a different kind.

    Your second picture is taken of a night-lit mountain. It shows your search for peace in the beauty of a late summer's night.

    May you soon find both the love and peace you're seeking, Ms. Essere.

  6. Hmm. Sounds.. somehow sad and frustrating maybe. But pretty photos here.

    Indie by heart