Square one

I came home yesterday, to Los Angeles. I rang the door bell, my mother let me in and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "He isn't here" she said, referring to my father, before I even asked. I had been away for months and at dinner a couple of hours later it was as if nothing had happened. No one asked me where I had been, what I had done, how I was. Mom talked about herself and Salvatore sat in silence for an hour.

I would have felt guilty, but she talked to me, not just past me like she usually does. I guess it means she cares somehow, maybe even that she missed me, but she didn't have the courage to ask any questions.

And speaking of courage, I'm tired of hiding behind a letter. I did it to protect my family but I'm not sure what from. My name isn't just S, it's Stephanie. Hello everyone.


  1. Hello Stephanie. It's very nice to meet you. Stay strong <3 xxxx

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. It's nice to see your taking a step forward and showcasing your name :) Be brave! I hope everything goes well for you.

  3. About your mother: She missed you. Lacks the courage to talk past you. Can't ask questions.


    You're different: Self-assured. Stronger. More beautiful.

    You've learned: About men. About friends. About yourself.


    Welcome to the world, Stephanie. You're gonna take it by storm.

  4. Nice to know your real name ... it gives an identity to your personality ... waiting to know more about you :-)

  5. HI Stephanie, nice to meet you and thanks for your comment... And I don't want if you want my opinion but your mother loves you in one way or another, no one can change the love of a mother...

    Kisses from Me, My fashion and I


    Stay strong!

  6. You will always be remembered as, S, but it sure is nice having a name to go with the incredible air of mystery you radiate. It brings chills to my spine every time I read your blog. Hang in there!! :)

  7. Hello Stephanie. :) Wonderful name.

  8. Hello Stephanie. :)

    Thank you so much for your comment in my blog.
    always strong! :*



  9. Thank you for this introduction. Hello Stephanie!

  10. Love it :)
    I'm following you now, gorgerous blog. xxoo!:)


  11. Hello and thank you for commenting on my blog, your photography is suggestive and unflinching, as well as your writing and I really appreciate all of it.


  12. I know what you mean about trying to protect people but when you think about it you don't know why.
    It's nice to be introduced to you.

  13. Hello Stephanie. You have beautiful photos.