I have too much clothes, when I don't use them for a couple of weeks strange things start to happen.

Earlier today I was trying on a jacket I hadn't worn since New Year's, and in one of the pockets I found a note with a hand written phone number. I had completely forgotten about that, maybe because I wanted to. It was such a weird night, I've never done anything that crazy, and that still intrigues me a little. I have no name to the number but I remember the boy who gave it to me, I remember his smell and his arms around me.

I really want to call but then there's Henry, sweet Henry who is always so nice to me. Oh, what should I do?

(By the way, I just started something new...)


  1. You've taken up sowing?? I've always wanted to try that, what a great way to get custom fit clothes for cheap! Hopefully you'll post some of your creations :)
    As for the number, intriguing as it is, all the intrigue is pure mystery, I think. Once that's gone all you're left with are numbers. Sounds being with Henry has had it's difficulties (problems with friends) so it must be worth it to stick it out right?
    Stay strong, love always xo

  2. may i know who's Henry??? hehe. if you don't mind.....

  3. S, I've nominated you for The Kreative Blogger Award! :)

  4. Call him!What's life without a few secrets,a few stolen moments,a few situations without explanations,a few complications in general?IT'S NOT CHEATING ON HENRY,TAKE IT FROM ME,GIRL!

  5. I don't know what I'd do.. if you liked him call him, if not then.. what's the point?... I think I like those moments when I find money in pockets instead of phone numbers haha... did you start sewing??... welcome to the madness.. if you like it.. once you start you can't stop.. I know I can't

  6. That's cute, call him :D New Years wasn't that long ago!

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  7. Stick with Henry!!! ;)

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  8. the familiar is always great but sometimes its refreshing to start something new... go with whatever your gut says i say =)

    Im sure youll make the right decision for you x