La gioia di vivere

The best thing about being an Italian is the food. I ate well at my aunt's in Toscana, but Salvatore is still the master. It's been so long since he cooked just for me, but today we were alone together in the house for the first time in weeks.

He knows me so well, he could tell just by looking at me I had something on my mind, so he made me a risotto alla milanese with saffron and sat down with me. I told him about my worries, how I feel stuck between childhood and adulthood and the loss of trust in everything I used to believe in. It was so easy, the words just came to me.

He listened in silence and I know I can trust him so I didn't leave out anything. When I was done he said "so how was the food?", just to make me smile again, and I did. It was miraculous of course, as always.


  1. Nothing like knowing that you trust someone completely, isn't it? Such accomplishment can only be felt if the trust is unconditional and true, so I believe.

    And yes, S, the food.. Experiencing Italian food is in my life-list! :D

  2. haha, i think Salvatore is realy good man :-)

  3. love the new design!
    glad to here you have someone close by the vent to :)

  4. Beautiful blog, I love it. Would you like to follow each other ? Just let me know !



  5. Beautiful!! I love the fogginess of your pictures (:

    -Imani Love

  6. Lovely. It must be so very lovely, to have someone you can trust as such, to have a warm shoulder to lean on, someone who can make your worries melt. x

  7. I'm Italian as well, and I lived in Rome for almost a year about 7 months ago so I know ALL about the food :) I'm happy you have someone that you can talk to love, I hope it is helping! xoxo