A happy day

I like being anonymous, just one small person in a big crowd, that way I can hide unless I want to be seen for some reason. It's one of the better things about living in a city like Los Angeles, that you can almost always be unnoticeable wherever you go. Normally I'm not comfortable bumping into people I know or that know me, I'm not that spontaneous so they have to be close friends (and I don't have many of those).

Today I bumped into the one I love the most, Avy. We haven't spoken in weeks and I was afraid she was mad at me. I've felt that she hasn't been approving of my dating Henry, but she never told me why. It made me sad since she's been my best friend for so long, I want her to be able to talk to me about such things.

Anyway, we had a long talk over coffee and I think it's all straightened out now. She didn't say what it was but promised she would call me tomorrow. We said goodbye with a hug and she waved as I stepped on the bus. I almost cried on my way back home.


  1. I like being anonymous too! And cry if you have to...crying is beautiful :)

  2. crowd is the best place to hide, you are so right. sorry to hear about problems with friend, friends mean oh so much!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  3. Really beautiful picture, S! I love being anonymous as well. And yes, I've heard that introverts [don't know whether you are on, but still] have more power in the world of extroverts.

  4. Fantastic Post! That's all it can be described as. :D

  5. Sometimes it's nice to just blend in and observe, thank you for sharing your thoughts, it's nice to connect to your readers on a deeper level. Love your blog :) now following you xx


  6. You write really beautiful words. I also don't like bumping into people unexpectedly, I never know what to say and I'm always really awkward.
    Really loving your blog, follow each other?