Tick tock

Avy called like she said she would. We talked for a couple of hours, about nothing and everything. We didn't mention Henry, I was a little afraid to because I still don't know why that subject is sensitive. I'm a coward that way, I'm terrible at being vexatious. Maybe it's a good thing but I sometimes wish I was bolder and dared say what's on my mind.

I don't have many friends around me, but I keep thinking how the ones I have don't seem to notice time passing. They live their lives and things happen to them, but they don't realize that they're getting older. I think about it constantly lately, how suddenly it can all be over and that every step we take is a step closer to that end. Does that sound strange?

Maybe I just need to find my place, and when I get too involved with those thoughts I start to draw. I have some designs ready and I will begin sewing as soon as possible. It's a nice and easy way out of the hardship.


  1. Hey. =)
    Firstly, thanks for stopping by my poetry blog.
    You & Avy, you two genuinely, really intrigue me. It's like your words make me want to know you. Even more.
    I was having breakfast and I was reading your posts. Made my way till June =)
    You look amazing. Really. I'd kill to have a body like you.
    And your writing is beautiful.
    The way you write about your cousin, I'm sorry. May he rest in peace.. About your dad, family, Italian food *drools* =D , it ... it's amazing actually.
    Following you now!

  2. Don't overthink, S! It ruins the beauty of the moment! Overthinking gets us nowhere!

  3. I could really relate to the post.I too,am lost in my thoughts,all the time!The sewing makes you even more interesting!

  4. I am always there for you if you need to talk (:
    thanks for commenting on my blog


  5. No, it doesn't sound strange! i had to look up the definition of "vexatious." i'm curious about the designs & sewing. maybe someday you'll share? here's to creating. :)

  6. I think your blog is lovely :) x

  7. Thanks for the comment! Your blog is lovely. :)

  8. thanks for the comment!
    lovely blog!

  9. I just want to say, lovely blog!


  10. Thank you soo much S, for heading over to my blog and leaving a comment! And I'm glad you liked what I said. :)
    BTW I also write at : thisistherealitarin.blogspot.com

  11. thanks for the comment!
    Vexatious... what a great sexy word.
    What kinds of designs do you sow? I'm a painter so from one artist to another I'm curious!
    love always,

  12. I am so aware of ageing as well! Noone seems to realise, but we need to make the most of NOW before it's too late.

  13. i like your blog!! i fallow you!! luisanavinci.blogspot.com